Human Resource Management system and B.P.O Services for Kenya

Watuworx offers Human Resource Management Systems and B.P.O services to organisations. The system has a payroll module and leave management module designed for Kenya, according to it's tax laws.


Some of the features for Watuworx Human Resource Management System are

Maintain staff information

Maintain all your important staff information such as I.D., P.I.N no, next of kin, leave days etc in an organised and easy to use interface.

Quick payroll processing

Once employee details are set up you only need to enter variables like advances,overtime etc.You can even email the payslips.


Once the data has been captured you can generate csv for KRA itax, statuory reports like N.S.S.F, N.H.I.F, P9 and other reports all at a click of a button.

Access from any where and on any device securely

We use the latest security measures so you can access your payroll from any where like a remote office and on any device.

Leave management

Set up different types of leave and approval process.You can also allow staff to login and apply for leave from any location.

Peace of mind

Your data is backed up automatically and don't worry about data loss in the event of your computer crashes or is stolen etc.

Business Process Outsourcing

We offer business process outsourcing to organisations that want to outsource their payroll or accounting functions due to various factors e.g. compliance, risk management etc
Please feel free to contacts us for more information.